The indexing guidelines are relevant to users intending to independently index CIA-20 state data.

  • The inscription must be a valid JSON (not JSON5). Trailing commas invalidate the function.

  • Leading or trailing spaces/tabs/newlines are not allowed (and stripped/trimmed).

  • JSON must have "p" "op" "tick" fields where "p"="cia-20," "op" in ["deploy", "mint", "transfer", "list", "cancel"].

  • If "op" is "deploy", JSON must have a "max" field, and "lim" fields are optional. If "lim" is not set, it will not be considered a deploy command.

  • If op is "mint" or "transfer", JSON must have an "amt" field.

  • All op and field names must be in lowercase.

  • Not all fields must be of type String. The "op", "tick", and "p" fields are String, while "max", "amt", and "lim" fields can be either Number or String. Extra fields not discussed here can be of any type.

  • Numeric fields are not stripped/trimmed. Numeric fields must be integers.

  • An empty string for a numeric field is invalid.

  • Zero or negative values are both considered invalid.

  • The max value of any numeric field is 2^53 - 1.

  • "tick" must be 4 bytes wide (UTF-8 is accepted). "tick" is case-sensitive, and no conversion will be performed.

  • If a deploy, mint, or transfer is sent as a fee to the miner while inscribing, it must be ignored.

  • The quantity for mint must be equal to "lim".

  • If a transfer has been deployed with more "amt" than the available balance of that wallet, it will be ignored.

  • First, a deploy inscription is inscribed. This will set the rules for this cia-20 ticker. If the same ticker has already been deployed, the second deployment will be invalid.

  • Then anyone can inscribe mint inscriptions with the limits set in the deploy inscription until the minted balance reaches "max" set in the deploy inscription.

  • When a wallet mints cia-20 tokens (inscribes a mint inscription to its address), its balance will increase.

  • When this transfer inscription is transferred, the original wallet's balance will decrease. The receiver's balance will increase.

  • Deploy inscriptions will not change anyone's balance.

About Transaction

  • Send 1 UTIA to the person who owns the CIA-20 token with base64 data in the "memo" field.

  • We only accept msgs[0] from a transaction. All the rest will be ignored.

  • The "type" of the message is only accepted as /

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